A "million dollar" doctor.

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Chesley Ann
| March, 16 2020 | for Elizabeth Y. Boehme, MD

i have been blessed with incredibly good health and I am, of course, very grateful. But if my health should decline, it would be possible for me to proceed with Dr. Boehme's care with total confidence. Dr. Boehme is what a doctor should be. She is always available by phone and, when treating one in the office, she gives her total attention and concern. A patient never feels rushed or a bother and always feels heard and taken seriously. In addition to attending to my health care, Dr. Boehme also treats my 96 year old mother. Dr. Boehme takes personal interest in Mother's on-going conditions and seeks out updates. My mother has advanced dementia and is difficult to understand at times. Dr. Boehme is always patient and will persevere in order to be successful. I value Dr. Boehme's skill, knowledge, demeanor and kindness.