More like Days. Months. Years.

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| January, 28 2024 | for Genise E. Kerner, MD

More like days. Months. Years.

Genise Kerner has walked by my side, in front of health milestones, and beyond the obvious, to keep me living my best possible life.

This high energy internist untangles complex symptoms with medical facts, years of experience and savvy intuition. Plus, she cultivates compassion along with a fix.

Always just a text or a phone call away, Dr Kerner’s response is dependably quick — with a good head and a caring heart. In addition, she is well connected to and respected by, many of the specialists in the state.

Because of countless moments, months and years of cures and counsel, I have learned to make friends with the health I have.
I owe this to to Genise Kerner.