More than a Doctor

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| March, 12 2020 | for William R. Jones, DO

Not really some big story but rather a few words about Dr Jones. I am 71 and have only had two family doctors since I became an adult many years ago. My first doctor was a friend as well as my doctor. Quite a few years ago when my first doctor retired I had to find another one. Someone said they heard that a Dr Jones was really good doctor and that he “really “ listens when you talk to him. I took a chance and my friend was right in what he had heard about Dr Jones. As the years have progressed a friendship has grown. Without writing a book here today I can honestly say that as I write this that Dr Jones know more about me than any other human being. I am somewhat of a private person but with Dr Jones I spill it all out. No doubt when he reads this last sentence he will nod his head showing he agrees with that assessment. 😊😊