More than a doctor

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| January, 18 2024 | for Sonal Saraswat Gupta, MD

I have several examples of Dr. Gupta really being face first and being interested in more than what my blood results say (although she's certainly on me about those too). A couple of years ago, she sent me a personalized, hand written birthday card. It wasn't one where someone just signs off. She had drawn on the envelope and hand addressed it. She wrote an entire side of the card telling me what she thinks is cool about me. She had truly sat down and given it thought. It was so authentic and hit me at exactly the time I needed a message like that from someone in a role that traditionally I would think gives me no thought when I'm not in her office. I still have it in my nightstand.

Secondly, in the past few years, I had a devastating change in my employment status. I don't even know how it came up. But she stood up and hugged me despite it being peak mask season. She said "you've been traumatized" and apologized I had to go through that. personal and so sincere. It makes me a little emotional still just to think about it.

She's also hilarious. When I was talking about upcoming travel to Israel and what meds I might need for tummy issues, she pointed out which prescription was for when I "couldn't trust your farts."

Dr. Gupta cares about the person. She, I suspect, wonders how you're doing when you haven't been in for a while. She will lecture you when you don't get your flu shot...but it lands beautifully because I know it comes from her concern for my well-being. She's the reason that, when she moved to MDVIP, I did too.