More than a doctor, a friend

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| February, 13 2024 | for Mark M. Medeiros, MD

Ii have been a patient of Dr Mark Medeiros for well over 20 years. Since my very first visit he has been sincerely caring, alert to my needs, and more than competent.

The mundane stuff; One of the few remains doctors in single practice, his office is well managed with wait times never longer than 10 minutes. His staff has worked for him for years, sometimes decades because he provides a happy, collegial work environment. Example: there is always a small human skeleton in his waiting area, happily dressed in attire related to the current holiday or a baseball uniform during baseball season.

More importantly, Dr Medeiros as my PCP has guided me through my many illnesses, including coronary disease, diabetes, pneumonia, prostate issues, restless leg syndrome, TIAs, knee surgeries, and more. His referrals to specialists are always spot on to excellent doctors. Unlike every other of my doctors, he makes sure to provide my specialists with copies of my blood work or other relevant information.

Despite taking a statin, for a time I required a cardiac stent every 6 months or so. He questioned why my cardiologist had not prescribed the drug Repatha. He provided a recommendation to the cardiologist. The drug was prescribed. I haven't needed a stent in 3 years.

In another instance, my cardiologist was reluctant to prescribe a medication due to my diabetes. He was using out of date standards from the American Diabetes Assoc. Dr Medeiros providend the current standards and the drug was provided.

Finally, in the best example of how Dr Medeiros will go above and beyond, I called him at 3am from Tokyo. It was Sunday afternoon in Scottsdale. I caught him on a bicycle ride. My wife, a former patient of his, was in excruciating back pain. She is in much better health than me, so we had reluctantly decided not to spend the MDVIP fee for her to continue with Dr Medeiros. She's had extensive back surgery and from experience she knew she needed a steroid. She's also an RN. It is not common in Japan to prescibe steroids for back pain. Without a prescription from her doctor they refused. My wife had cried uncontrollably in their waiting room. Dr Medeiros returned from his bicycle ride and immediately provided a prescription halfway around the world, despite rules or contracts to a person in need of his service.

As they say, once a marine, always a marine. I think Dr Medeiros is like that. Once he establishes a relationship with a patient, he cares about their well being forever. I'm nearly 77 years old and I have never met a finer doctor.