More than just our doctor

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| March, 14 2020 | for Craig W. Kuebker, MD

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Kuebker for a number of years. We have always enjoyed our annual check-ups as a time when we could ask questions about health matters that concerned us but we may have just wondered about and kept to ourselves. Dr. Kuebker would always put us at ease by discussing a variety of issues that showed us his concern for us and for our family. His bedside manner put us at ease and in that environment it became much easier to open up about deeper concerns. He always makes us feel as though there is no rush and we have time with him that he values.
When my wife began having symptoms that were very unusual she spoke with Craig. After an exam he referred her to a variety of physicians in town who were stymied by what they were seeing. Craig and MDVIP worked with us and the MAYO Clinic to arrange appointments with physicians at the MAYO in a variety of specialties that could help identify the problem. When we returned home we continued to meet with Craig. He arranged conference call consultations with the Mayo doctors to discuss a continuing plan for diagnosis.
It was determined that her condition resulted from a hidden cancer that had caused debilitating nerve damage. We are now dealing with the primary cause which involves significant medical care from specialists other than Dr. Kuebker. Nevertheless, he is in constant contact with us, following up on treatments, assisting in medications but primarily being our concerned and involved physician. We have the greatest appreciation for all that he has done for us.