Most Caring Physician and Staff

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| February, 17 2023 | for David DeAtkine Jr, MD, FACE

Dr. DeAtkine is the most caring physician one can imagine, and his knowledge of diabetes is exceptional. He and his staff encourage me always. He has gone out of his way to (more than once) explain best options for my good health, has unfailingly been reassuring and encouraging, and continues to provide best care and best advice. If my compliance as his patient were equal to his determination to keep me healthy, I could and would go many more years with no health issues. As it is, he's kept me healthy for years, in spite of myself. He and his staff may not know how much I appreciate them, so I'll take this opportunity to share a big THANK YOU. I could not have a better doctor than this exceptional physician, and his staff is upbeat and always willing to do everything they can to help me stay in good health. Again, THANK YOU for working so hard to keep me healthy!