the most trusted person in my life - Anthony Ross

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| March, 12 2020 | for Anthony J. Ross, MD

I was taken to see Dr. Ross when having a pap test over 20 yrs ago by my gynecologist who would not let me out of the building - he immediately sent me down for a brain scan and it turns out I'd had a stroke. He has seen me through that, several concussions, a later battle with cancer that went from nothing to stage IV within a year, and now we are dealing with possible atpyical Parkinson - he has always been available to me even without appointment and I credit him with seeing things in early stages. And refers me to immediate imagining & other specialties or PT as needed. I am struggling to live in two states (because of children/ grandchildren) but keep my health care based with him. He explains all lab tests and answers my questions about them, also helps me prioritize efforts in health care and his staff is stable and caring - He is exceptional in terms of knowledge as well as honoring others' opinions and seeking out solutions that may be innovative but well researched. I trust his staff and him implicitly and am willing to pay extra taxes as well as the conceirge fee to remain in his care - would like to clone him.