Mr Ramon J. Garcia

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| March, 13 2020 | for Diana Tyler Rocks, DO, FACOI

Dr Diana Rocks is an excellent and compassionate Doctor. I am not a typical senior and don’t consider being one even though I am 77, In the past I had several doctors who probably have too many patients. When I would call them getting through to them was difficult because the desk employees were a road block. If you need to get through to Dr Rocks doing so is fast and considerate. Even If you need to contact her after hours that is quite easy. I am not easy to impress as a person because many if not most individuals do as little as possible. The Man who lives upstairs ( Jesus ) hopefully is happy with the way I operate and think. I want people who know that Dr Rocks is truly a good and compassionate Doctor and If they want to get or remain healthy signing up with her is the thing to do. Amen.