Ms Lisa Alesi-Medical Secretary for Dr. Robert Kopecki

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| March, 16 2022 | for Robert Kopecki, DO

Lisa Alesi is the Medical Secretary for Dr. Robert Kopecki. She has many responsibilities including making appointments for his office. I do not know everything her job title requires her to do but I know she is one of the most pleasant professionals I have ever encountered. When I call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kopecki (who is my doctor) she makes everything so easy. I would not be calling Dr. Kopecki’s office unless I am sick. After talking to Ms Alesi I almost forget what I am calling for, she has a way of relaxing me so I do not belabor what might be wrong with me. If she is busy and cannot talk to me right away, you can bet that after she finishes with the call she is on or other impending duties she is performing she will not forget to call me back. Other professional offices I have had to call for anything I had to call back until I reached someone, but not with Ms Alesi. She is the epitome of professionalism and kindness. She is so professional and knowledgeable and so patient. I just had to write this testimony. She is just the nicest person. When I go to the office for an appointment she is constantly working conscientiously and expeditiously. She is an excellent Medical Secretary and I just had to give her the Kudos she deserves.