To a much appreciated family doctor: Dr. James Hoff

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Ambretta B
| March, 11 2024 | for James S. Hoff, MD

Our family story as patients of Dr. James Hoff began long time ago. Why, because before becoming Dr. Jim's patients we were his father's patients, Dr. H. Hoff. As soon as Dr. James Hoff took his father's position, I don't remember exactly the year, the whole family came under his care. Now the children moved away or have different doctors, but my husband and I are still with him. What can I say about Dr. James? A lot of good things but no one in particular (may be one, yes! I will tell you later ....). Anyway,....., Dr. James has always showed his complete and sincere attention to both my husband's and mine small or more serious health problems. Luckily we have been a healthy couple, but of course we have had our ups and downs. Specially at the beginning of his career Dr. Jim always took extra precautions and in some cases, when he wanted to be absolutely sure that his diagnosis was right, he referred us to specialists. He still does it and I have never been a disobedient patient! I still feel very, very comfortable with Dr. James's suggestions and health care. My husband, who has always been an ant-doctors, finally he is beginning to follow Dr. Jim's suggestions and he begins to take the meds he prescribes for his well-being. What else can I say? Through the years we have seen staff changes in his office, but so far they were always replaced with other staff ......and in some cases even better! Now, particular moment which I have never forgot.....we must go back to the time when Dr. James's father delivered my first child, a girl....I spent all Christmas Day in the hospital and Dr. Helmuth Hoff only a few times left me in the care of the nurses to be home with his family. At 12:05, only 5 min after Christmas my daughter was born. The next early afternoon, as I was in front of the nursery watching my new baby sleeping, I saw 3 children arriving at the big nursery window and they were accompanied by their father, my doctor, Dr. Helmuth. He introduced me to them and then he proceeded to explain to his children why he had not been able to spend the entire Christmas Day with them......then he added: " I had to help this mom to deliver her ...."baby doll"! There was a moment of silence than one of the children said......"Dad, can we take the baby doll home?"....... I believe it was my future Dr. James Hoff....!!m, I reminded Dr. Jim of this cute event only a couple of times but of course he could not remember it which of course I never, never forgot! Ginamarie is now almost 60 yrs old but she remembers this funny story because as she was growing up I kept reminder her....specially when, as a child, she was a little naughty :" good or I will call Dr. Hoff's children and I will give you to them!...."