My Doctor “Alias” My Friend”

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| February, 11 2024 | for Jeffrey C. Lederman, DO, MPH

I know there are many people that see the doctors very often because they have the need to do so. My doctors name is Jeffrey Lederman and yes, I would enjoy seeing him much more often than I do but that would be a waste of his time, and it would be more for me to enjoy his company . However, that’s not who I am. I see him when it’s necessary. And that’s probably just a few times a year however, during the few times a year each time that he spends with me like talking to an old friend, there is no time set he listens as if we were all friends and I was just venting to him and he always seems Extremely interested
And never never in a rush. That might seem unusual unimportant to some people, but I’ve known doctors that come into the office. Listen to you hopefully processing exactly what you’re trying to get across and then in a matter of minutes will give his sage advice and out you go . To say Dr, Jeffrey Lederman is the exception to the rule would be an understatement. I know him a very long time and he knows who I am and when I see him it’s not to waste his time or for me to just vent to a friend it’s something that is important that is happening to me, and with that being said, that’s the component that Doctors should possess, but in my experience, most of them don’t. Something important not to leave out is that when I call his office I don’t get a call back 24 hours later. I get a call back within a few hours and that certainly is important. If I happen to say it’s an emergency, which is very rare that I do. He would call me back probably within five minutes. he truly cares about his patience and that’s something that has changed through the years with a lot of physicians. He is a wonderful diagnostician and if necessary, he will recommend me someone other than him if that is necessary. Most doctors have an ego that they rarely do that , Dr. Jeffrey Lederman truly cares about his patience and would not even take a breath to tell his patient he recommends so and so. It’s a privilege when I asked who I see as a internist and I recommend him. He is the definition of a true physician and that’s very rare in these days. We all know what is important in these days but I’ll say it anyway it’s billing and making that buck. However, my Dr is the opposite and that’s what keeps me from ever seen someone else. Kudos to Dr. Jeffrey Lederman and I mean that with a warm heart . I would be remiss and not mentioning his staff Yvonne Shelly they are wonderful, and they also really care, and I certainly did not want to omit them. They are a team and obviously so.