My Doctor - my advocate

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| March, 25 2023 | for Kris Armstrong, MD

My insurance changed the coverage for my primary care doctor and I needed a new one. I was looking online and came across Kris Armstrong, I could believe the amount of feedback he had online and the amount of positive ratings. Typically doctors are the only service providers with no ratings or feedback. Then I learned about MDVIP.
Based on Kris requirements, we first met to learn about each other. I though how is that even possible? I spent 45 minutes with him and he wanted to make sure I understood the practice and the cost, which it’s not even a cost in my opinion based on the exam you get.
I also want to give a shout out to Lincoln that works for him. She is absolutely amazing.
I met them with kris to review the outcome of my annual exam. He spent almost an hour going over everything like 18 pages of results. The exam itself is incredible. He took the time to explain every result, ask questions, customize his conversation. Before I left, I gave him a hug and told him that for the first time I feel like I have an advocate. I suffer from chronic migraines and my journey in the past few years has been difficult.
I am new to this practice but I have recommended Kris and MDVIP to anyone that wants to listen.