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| March, 11 2024 | for Sheldon T. Warman, MD

We all have choices as to who we will see as our GP in our life. I've lived in many cities during my childhood and career and I've had a GP in each of those cities. Although each was highly recommended, I never left their offices without having some question pop up that I meant to ask, or should have been covered. I was just another patient, although important, in the long line of people in the waiting room patiently or impatiently waiting for their turn.
That was always the case, until I met Dr Sheldon Warman. My annual exams with him are as extensive as I could ever imagine, to include. pre-exam blood testing, X Rays, etc. During the exam, he reviews all the testing in detail, so I fully understand and answers any questions that I may have that pop up during that review. He then completes his physical examination of me. There's never a rush and every and any question I could think of is answered. When I leave his office I feel totally confident in my knowledge of my health. That comfortable feeling is the significant difference my doctor makes in my health which I never had before!