My Experience with Dr. Darrell

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| March, 11 2023 | for Thomas C. Darrell, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Thomas C. Darrell for approximately 10 years. When I learned that he would be transitioning his practice to the MDVIP model, I had no idea of what to expect. However, when he explained his personal goals for providing care to his patients, and outlined the MDVIP model of practice, I was impressed enough to decide to join his MDVIP practice. Now that I have completed my first annual Wellness exam, I am convinced that I made a good decision. This program was the most comprehensive medical examination that I have ever received. His nurse, Ms Paula Westbrook, who administered all of the preliminary tests, gave me a thorough explanation of what she was doing and what each test was designed to measure. At the follow-up appointment, after I was examined by Dr. Darrell, we sat in his office and reviewed each test and the test results. We discussed areas in which improvement was desired and what could be done to achieve the objective. I received copies of all the documents produced during the examination and Dr. Darrell directed me to the MDVIP Connect website where I was able to access nutrition and exercise information as well as my health record. My evaluation of the Wellness examination is that it is a very valuable procedure; it was thorough and unhurried. When I told members of my family about my experience, some of them decided that they also wanted to have the experience of an MDVIP practice.