My father was a patient of Dr. Ramirez for the last 10 years of his life.

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| February, 24 2014 | for Peter P. Ramirez, MD

While I am a patient of Dr. Peter Ramirez and I am extremely pleased with both the preventive and immediate care that he provides, I think that the measure of Dr. Ramirez as a doctor is best exemplified by the way he took care of my father who just recently passed away.

My father was a patient of Dr. Ramirez for the last 10 years of his life. He was not a well man but you would never know that if you met him primarily because of the care that Dr. Ramirez was able to provide him. Until he passed away, he was able to continue to live a full and active life and never slowed down.

Unfortunately, six years ago my father was diagnosed with pre-leukemia. This made him susceptible to a number of health issues that included two bouts of pneumonia, a double bypass and a build-up of fluid in his body that led to further complications.

My father survived all of these obstacles because of Dr. Ramirezs quick action, his accurate diagnoses and the network of specialists that he works with that were able to provide my father with the highest level of care care that helped get him through numerous crises. Because of Dr. Ramirez, my father was able to live for a number of years longer watching his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up time that he never would have had without Dr. Ramirez as his doctor.

I could go on for a page on his extraordinary medical capabilities but that would only be representative of half of what it means to have him as a doctor.

What truly places Dr. Ramirez above his peers is his responsiveness, his demeanor, how he becomes personally invested in his patients as individuals and, most importantly, how he involved our family in my fathers treatment.

It goes without saying that with each new crisis, my mother and our family went through the mental anguish that every family experiences when a loved one requires hospitalization or has an illness. Dr. Ramirez always responded immediately when my mother called him and he made it a priority to stay in contact with my mother to provide her with updates on his condition and care. This provided her a sense of relief and comfort that cannot be put into words. His patience in dealing with all of our questions and his ability to express in laymans terms what was happening is a skill that Ive experienced with very few medical professionals.

Lastly, the concern that he showed for my father and our family was best demonstrated at my fathers passing. Dr. Ramirez waited for us through a sleepless night to make sure that he was present when my father passed away and to make sure that we were at peace. Words cannot express what his presence at my fathers viewing meant to us. He is not just a doctor that treats patients; he is a man looking out for his family.