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| January, 18 2024 | for Edward B. Portnoy, MD

Dr Edward Portnoy has need my peace of mind in my life for the last 25 years even when I was very healthy. I known him for 35 because our sons played in the same baseball league., He was one of the most calm person I’ve ever knew. As time always does we both went out separate ways in baseball he went to Agoura High School we went to Westlake High School but I would see him at the supermarket and around the community snd he always had kind words to say , having that positive attitude. Since I’ve been seeing him he’s help me both physical and most important mentally and emotionally. He’s been a friend and mentor for me . That’s what doctor Portnoy is my Doctor and my children’s and current wife he always has time for my calls when I needed him. Thank You Ed for as much as you’ve done for me. Bless You from the bottom of my heart . 🙏😊