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| March, 12 2020 | for Stephen W. Rex, MD

I have been with Dr. Rex before he became an MDVIP partner, and that says it all!
He is kind, truthful, knowledgeable, always willing to help. We have gotten to know each other very well over the years; and our banter always includes health first, family, much laughter and more.
I went on a trip to Paris with my daughter in 2014 and while boarding the plane we noticed red, slightly swollen lumps on my face. It turned out to be hives do to an allergy to medicine I was taking for a tooth infection. When we arrived and checked in my daughter emailed/text Dr. Rex. He told us to go to a pharmacist in Paris (lucky there was one right around the corner) and Dr. Rex emailed/text my daughter, and she shared Dr. Rex's instructions. I was able to take another antibiotic with no complications that helped me enjoy the rest of my trip. It was the best!
Recently I was diagnosed with cancer. He was right there. Recommended doctors, explained diagnoses and procedures when I did not understand the specialists. He even drew pictures of my cancer site with explanations of why it was suddenly a Grade 1/Stage 1 cancer to a Grade1/Stage 3 cancer. Anytime I needed him he responded.
I hope these two stories help others understand that there are really caring doctors in our world. Dr. Rex is second to none.