My name is Tatiana, I am in junior MDVIP program.

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| February, 24 2014 | for Steven Wilson, MD
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My name is Tatiana, I am in junior MDVIP program. First, husband and I decided to stay with our doctor, because his medical practice was always very personal, also, he helped us a lot with our parents who visited us often; however he was not always available. Then, after one year in the program, I could say, how I am extremely happy that I am (and my husband) with doctor S. Wilson! I like the fact that I always can have access to the very attentive doctor and his office and I like his passion about health and healthy life style. I had different medical exams due to the program and set the goals for my health, and I started to change my diet, I started biking. It was very important for me since I have prediabetes. Last year, I was suddenly diagnosed with a disease in my eye - life threatening disease (which was without symptoms and appeared all of a sudden), next day (!) I was in my doctors office, had the physical exam and was referred to all necessary tests very fast. Moreover, I felt such a support from my doctor and all his staff members as it was my own family. It is scary to imagine when I could see a regular physician, and what help I could have! When I had doubts or questions about tests or services (especially where I was referred) I could call any time of the day to doctors office or doctor himself, and had the answer almost right away. I had an eye surgery right after New Year and due to my involvement in lifestyle changing, I started biking in two weeks and followed all diet recommendations! Now, when crucial situation passed, I understand how lucky I am to be in the program with doctor Wilson! My diagnosis was like a nightmare, for anyone who thinks about something bad could happen when you are just 37 and healthy and why you need special medical program like MDVIP, but now I trust this program and with such a strong support (medical and emotional) I made through! In spite of difficult surgery, I am moving on to my health goals with my doctor on my side. I lost about 30 pounds since last spring; altogether with a new attitude to my health it feels so good! I am very grateful to doctor Wilson and all his staff members!