My new primary care physician: Ann C. Collins, MD

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| March, 21 2023 | for Ann C. Collins, MD

I recently began seeing Dr. Collins. From my first introduction to Dr. Collins and her staff, I felt welcomed and cared for! Dr. Collins genuinely and kindly listened to my explanations of my past medical history and my concerns about my health and future wellbeing! It is obvious to me that she heard me and cared about what she heard. Her protocols are very thorough and reveal my current state of health! Dr. Collins is very detailed in her explanations and her follow-up. As a "seasoned" male, I am extremely grateful that I have found a physician who speaks to my health issues candidly and with great confidence, wonderful professionalism with a glorious feminine touch! I know in my heart that Dr. Collins and her staff are dedicated to having their patients comfortable, completely confident and reassured they have made the correct decision to join her medical family! I know I do!!