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| March, 10 2024 | for Robert L. Schiff, MD
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I have so many stories of how Dr. Schiff changed my life but there is only room to say a few here in this venue so here goes:
**I did not wish to take the COVID vacs and Dr. Schiff supported my dicision. He coached me on what supplements I needed to take to keep my body strong enought to fight it. I got through those aweful and scary times without getting sick. **When I retired in 2016 I weighed 244lbs. Dr. Schiff coached me into loosing 95lbs in 11 months :). He drilled it into me to eat healthy and that if I felt I was hungry to just fill one palm full of nuts and eat them; walk as far as I wanted but to get out and walk; and to stop worrying because I was capable of loosing all the weight I needed/wanted to- just walk towards health one day at a time. He made me feel I was strong when I felt weak. Todate I am at a wonderful weight and its been 8 years since those days of Dr. Schiff's wise and kind words which helped me loose my unwanted weight. **Another wonderful story I have about Dr. Schiff was when about 5 years into my retirement I decided to have a mini face lift because of the amazing weight lose he knew I could loose. I chose what I thought was a great plastic surgeon. WoW was I wrong! The doctor who did the procedure left me with a broken stich that eventually protuded out of my skin. Since it was elective surgery my insurance would not cover it. I went to see multiple plastic surgeons but they refused to help me because of the close knit plastic surgeon community. Each new Dr. I went to would always just recommemed that I go back to the same surgeon who blew the opperation on me in the first place. But I refused to go back to have that surgeon ever touch me again. After a year of trying to get this thing that looked like a worm sticking out of my face (by my left ear) repaired I explained my prdicument to Dr. Schiff. I confessed to him that I barely went out in public anymore because I felt ashamed to be seen. Dr. Schiff gave me a recommendation to see a surgeon he knew of. That Doctor was so kind to me and agreed to perform the fix after I told him Dr. Schiff recommended that I come to see him. After hiding for over 1 year I was finally able to go back out into the public without feeling the need to hide my face in shame. **But without a doubt the most outstanding thing Dr. Schiff has done for my health was to diagnose that I had Polymyalgia rheumatica. This disease is the worst medical situation I have ever experienced. For 3 months I thought I was suffering shin splints in both legs from over working. I had a buisness to run so I just kept on trucking through the pain. Eventually, the pain went up into my arms, neck, shoulders and into the leftside of my heart. I went to Doctor Schiff and told him of my pain. He ran tests which all came back extreamly normal for the sever pain I lived with. Nothing was left for him to test yet I felt like I could no longer function through the ebb and flow of my days. I would experience hot sweats so badly that I soaked through my bedding and could almost ring out my feather pillows each and every morning before I had to wash my bedding (again and again!). But all my tests kept caming back amazingly normal.
Dr. Schiff sent me to a heart doctor because of the extream ache in the left side of my heart which hurt me so badly. The heart doctor ran some tests which all came back amazingly normal again. So there was simply nothing else the heart doctor could test me for since there was no indication of where to go next in the testing troubleshooting arena. Although the heart doctor was very kind to me I could not help feeling like he may have believed all my simptoms were in my head and not for real. I finally stopped eating meat and raw veggies because my jaw would get tired of chewing. My jaw did not hurt when I chewed. It simply was too tired to chew anything hard like meat or fresh veggies. I decided to send Dr. Schiff a FYI text telling him of that one symtom I had forgot to inform him of. That was my jaw was too tired to chew after 4 or 5 chomps. Within 10 minutes of me sending him my FYI text, he sent me a text back that had a serious tone to it. He instructed me to go and take a blood test immediately. The next day Dr. Schiff told me he had sent a perscription in and once I began taking it I would feel normal within 2 days. WoW and Woo-Woo he was 100% correct!! He gave me my life back.... I absolutely love Dr. Schiff and his staff. Dr. Schiff is the boss of my medical needs forever! I will always take his advise unconditionally (even if I may whine about it at first). Dr. Schiff is more than a kind Dr. in my world. He is the King of Doctors in my world. Dr. Schiff... mahalo for all you have done for me. God bless you and your staff (Jose & Nora) for the professionalism and the friendships we have devleoped for the past 20+ years! Ya'll ROCK! :)(:
Eden Spurlin
PS I recommend Dr. Schiff to everybody!!