Myasthenia gravis diagnosis

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| March, 13 2020 | for Philip J. Maple, MD

I’m 87 years old and lucky to have enjoyed an active retirement. Recently, after my second knee replacement surgery, while grocery shopping I bent down to get something on the lower shelf. Upon standing up I noticed my head had dropped down and I could not raise it up. I finally was able to push it up with both my hands. My first reaction was something is very wrong with me but I knew nothing about myasthenia gravis .
Upon arriving home I immediately called my MDVIP doctor Philip Maple and made an appointment. He gave me a thorough examination asked a lot of questions and finally came back” with the correct diagnosis. He said I could have myasthenia gravis. He set up an appointment for me with a neurologist and sent me to the hospital for some tests. The neurologist agreed with his ldiagnosis and I immediately was sent to the hospital for MG blood tests. They came back positive and was immediately put on mestinon and prednisone.
Now that I know more about this inherited disease I realize how important it was to get on medication right away. Dr. Maple has conferring with the neurologist and is aware of how this is being treated. I understand how this can be difficult to diagnose and I am grateful that I had a MDVIP doctor who got me the help I needed and continues to monitor my progress with this disease.