Mystery Illness

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| April, 23 2023 | for Robert Kopecki, DO

My daughter found Dr Kopecki out of sheer desperation for what was plaguing me, and no one knew what exactly it was was plaguing me. That was the problem. I was at a loss from months of feeling less than stellar and nowhere near myself. I was on the edge of giving up. What we found after hitting locked door after locked door, was a man who didn't give up on me and perservered in trying to reach a diagnosis and a way to healing for me....despite my telling him what I believed it to be. He pushed through and guided me to path of wellness, despite my resistance. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the patience of Dr. Kopecki and his determintation to find what was causing me so much distress. I'm eternally grateful for his persistance and dedication to find what was the root cause of my detriment and getting me back to who my family needed me to be. Dr. Kopecki is, and will remain a blessing in my family's lives. We are grateful beyond what words can ever express.