Nami Khulusi, MD, A Very Knowledgeable and Caring Physician!

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| March, 9 2023 | for Nami Khulusi, MD
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Dr. Khulusi has vast medical knowledge, contacts and resources, conscience, compassion, patience, interest and concerns for his patient’s needs and conditions, understanding, respect, high intelligence and integrity; a most pleasant bedside manner so that trusting him with your private and intimate issues are easy. He believes in teaching his patients and making sure they’ve learned is according to his Hippocrates Oath. I was recently in a medical and rehabilitation hospital due to a terrifying accident and not only that Dr Khulusi kept in contact with my hospital doctors; they all had high opinions of him and remarked about him with a smile. I’ve been recommending Dr. Khulusi to everyone who could use a fine clinician, a diagnostician, or just a really good old-fashioned doctor to watch and take care of their health and wellness! He’s also pleasantly open to my alternative needs. His office staff is responsive and caring as well!