New Town, Complicated Health History, Found Smart, Kind, Caring Dr. Kevin Colton!

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| February, 29 2020 | for Kevin F. Colton, MD
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I had recently retired and moved to a lovely home "in the countryside" without the big city medical resources I always had available. In the first couple of years, I drove the 3 hours back to my "hometown" to see my trusted physician of 35+ years until I had a medical crisis. I developed a DVT and had to be Hospitalized. Upon discharge, I began to search for a local primary care Doctor. All the ones that came highly recommended were not accepting new patients. I kept hearing about Dr. Kevin Colton with the caveat that he was now part of MDVIP. I never heard of it before, so I checked it out. Yearly fee, gulp. Highly qualified doctors, Yes! 24/7 access, Wow! Just what I need. Generally, my health is stable but I can "go sour" fast and I need to be able to see some PDQ if I notice a concerning change. I set up an appointment and before we even had the MDVIP "intake" he saw e because I was developing a chest infection. He didn't want to wait! I was hooked right then! He is a rare Doctor who listens carefully and considers what I say. I know we are a team in my health care. His clear explanations of test results and treatment plans reinforce my choice to be under his excellent medical care.