Nine yrs and counting !

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| March, 1 2020 | for David DeAtkine Jr, MD, FACE
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It was Feb 2011 and I was in the hospital very sick , it appeared no one knew how to help me .My daughter got on line and found Dr David De Atkins Jr. He said he would take a look at me ... I remember praying for a Doctor who would know what to do ... Dr D. Came in and I was impressed at the start , He had a calming bedside manor and a plan ! I was relieved right away that I was in good hands . You see Well, I am a nurse and well we aren’t easy to convince.. He agreed to take my case and became my PCP . . Through two grueling yrs , of TPN and Very Strong Iv antibiotics we went until finally I recognized some what of my self ... then in early 2013 I broke my femur it was failure to union so there we went another yr. in a W//C.. All the while He remained a wonderful source of encouragement and knowledge to support me and my health care goals .., Fast forward to today Feb 2020 we are still at it 9 yrs later . I have had so many illnesses for Him to treat I sometimes think I can feel him shaking his head when I leave , but I know we are a team and my health is very important to him as well . Dr . D is key to referrals to other Doctors To offer me the best healthcare . When the reports are in , he is always going over them with me ,adding his spin on the topics and offering well educated additions to get the best results He spends time with me allows me to talk it out and arrive at a place I am comfortable with the decisions . I never feel rushed in his office , ample time to get my questions asked and answered . . He is a doctor , and friend whose opinions I cherish because I trust him . He has shown me over the last nine yrs . A Doctor who really cares of the outcome of his patients well beings. Dr .David DeAtkins Jr. you are a wonderful physician treating not only the body but the very souls of your patients , Your knowledge and bedside manor is so vital to the healing process .. I am convinced if not for your help in my case I really think I would not have made it . You see there is a little girl named Eleanor Rose and she loves her Nana Belle . I am so very thankful I got to meet her , she is a sweet heart and melts my heart . Dr. David DeAtkins Jr. and his very knowledgeable staff are a fine oiled medical machine and I thank God they are on my team . Hey you all you Rock ! Here’s to another nine years !