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| November, 30 2022 | for Greg Flippo, MD

For years ip until 2019, I went round n round with my public doctor struggling with chronic pain. As a former athlete , I’ve had 17 surgeries.. all orthopedic n spine , torn bilateral quadriceps, 3 back surgeries, multiple knee surgeries etc….. but my doctor actually threw me to the curb not wanting to help me with the extreme pain that haunted me 24-7. I eventually found Dr. Greg Flippo… a kind , caring n compassionate man n Dr. Who genuinely cared about my condition. Absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m now 63 n back training with weights which is a passion of mine m also working part time, he is treating me to the level where I’m able to do so. Wonderful doctor as is his entire practice. I was ready to give up! Dr Greg Flippo! I’m truly thankful for you for giving me life again.