Not just a doctor

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| March, 11 2020 | for J. Rick Adams, MD

As time moves on and I get older, I have encountered many doctors in my life, and fortunately most of them have been good. I am honored to say that Dr. Adams is not only an exceptional physician but also a good friend. He is the physician that we all long to have; compassionate, encouraging, intuitive, intelligent, engaging, and thorough! He is always sharing with me information he just read from one of his medical journals, which I find very encouraging. It is nice to know my physician is staying up to date with the newest medical research. He is a man of strong faith who will pray with me and help put things in perspective. Did I mention he is a fine athlete who plays a great game of basketball? Dr. Adams has been and continues to be a tremendous blessing in my life and the lives of my wife and children. When my wife had a stroke last year, Dr. Adams was at the hospital to console and consult. It was a tremendous relief to have him in our presence and he offered a great deal of calm and insight. His presence was a blessing and helped my entire family navigate the experience. Thank you, Dr. Adams.