Old school ... in a good way

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| March, 23 2020 | for Kevin F. Colton, MD

I'm so happy to provide a review for Dr. Kevin Colton, MD of Templeton, CA. Dr. Colton -- aka Kevin -- has been my MDVIP doctor for about five years. Invariably I've found him to be supportive, very well informed, patient, responsive, trustworthy and innovative in his approach to patient care. It's a pleasure to go to Dr. Colton's office, to interact with his highly capable staff and to get his take on how I'm doing.

Dr. Colton -- who for many years provided free medical services in the rural areas of the Philippines (instead of taking vacations) -- was way ahead of the pack in his research on the coronavirus. He shared these realizations with his patients and gave me a better understanding of what I needed to do to get ready for this challenging time. Faced with the unfolding crisis, Dr. Colton cancelled a long-planned, once-in-a-lifetime vacation so that he could be available for his patients. He is prepared, if necessary, to make house calls to the sick. (Just by comparison, an acquaintance who happens to be a physician left town for a month.)

I can only say that I feel very fortunate to know Dr. Colton. All the more so that he is my physician.