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Meredith and Peter
| January, 22 2024 | for Steve W. Smith, MD

We, my wife and I are truly blessed having Dr. Steve Smith as our Dr. We have been with Dr. Smith for 10 years. There are so many occasions in those years that Dr. Smith has exceeded our expectations in his care. Coming to the hospital , speaking with the admitting Dr. , changing medications that he thought to be best. Visits at rehab, visits to the home when one of us was unable to go to his office. Continually looking for a medical answer to an ongoing situation that Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Shands, and many other Neurological institutions, Drs. and others in that field were unsuccessful in finding a resolve in over 9 years of seeking medical advice. Dr. Smith goes beyond, where other doctors would have stopped in his search for the medical remedy that is presented to him. He is always enriching his medical knowledge in taking more medical courses, some of which were out of state. He is always available via one means of communication or another. He is always right up front in answering a communication about questions that on our end seem almost too trivial to ask, but we do so because we know we will get the best information possible and many in incidents are a great learning experience. Under Dr. Smith’s care we are treated as family not as as patient! We could continue with the blessings that Dr. Smith has enriched our lives, but we believe the aforementioned shares the trust we have in his care. experience.