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| March, 12 2020 | for Maneesh N. Patel, MD
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The term "personal physical" has never had more meaning for me than it is being a patient of Dr. Patel. At every visit I receive his undivided attention, and he takes whatever time is necessary with me to assure I am getting the best care. I have never felt rushed or brushed over. He takes my health very seriously and takes the time to explain all decisions and medications completely. I have fought a weight issue all my life, and Dr. Patel has been an encourager in that journey. Never have I felt judged, nor did he chastise me in any way--just encouraged. I'm happy to say I have finally lost 50 pounds, and now I find him celebrating with me--even asking me for specifics about how I was successful. My sense is that we are a team. He works WITH me; we share my health walk. I have tremendous peace of mind knowing I can call him any time day or night, as I've had to do only once or twice thankfully. When my roommate had knee surgery and went into a downward spiral at home late at night, I was able to contact Dr. Patel, who directed me to call 911 and then stayed on the phone to direct and advise the paramedics, ultimately getting her to the ER and admitted in time to avert further problems. I celebrate Dr. Patel and am extremely grateful to have such a caring, personally invested physician.