A One of a Kind Doctor

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| March, 2 2020 | for William N. Boulware, MD, MACP
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I want to thank Dr. Boulware for being my Doctor. I want him to know how much I appreciate him for the medical care he has given me. Before going to Dr. Boulware, I made many visits to the emergency room for extremely high hypertension, but with his care, my hypertension is under control. Thank you Dr. Boulware. I feel a sense of relief knowing that Dr. Boulware is my Doctor. He takes the time to review my labs and tests and throughly explains them to me. He investigates my health concerns and if necessary, chart a course of action. I am relieved about my health issues because I trust Dr. Boulware to be there for me. Thanks Dr. Boulware for being the great Doctor that you are.