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| April, 12 2021 | for René F. Cruz, MD

Our 20+ year family physician retired and Dr. Rene Cruz was among the recommendations for a transition. We interviewed Dr. Cruz and found him to be a warm, caring professional. He accepted us into his practice and we have never looked back. He and his staff have looked after our family's health needs - both pro-active and reactive. The annual wellness exam was more comprehensive than I would have expected, and Dr. Cruz found some ways I could improve myself. Dr. Cruz is part of the Advent Health system. Whenever we need specialist care, Dr. Cruz has immediate electronic access to all our Advent Health records by any other Advent Health practitioner.

We had one hospital stay, and Dr. Cruz was able to watch the progress and help us by phone to understand what was going on. That gave us so much confidence and relief.

Dr. Cruz spends time with us during visits - he's not just in/out and that's it. He has come to know us as people rather than just as his patients/clients.

Thank you Dr. Cruz and your entire staff!