Out of thousands, Dr. Rex

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| March, 10 2020 | for Stephen W. Rex, MD

I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years, calling on thousands of doctors in primary care and many specialty areas; cardiology, pulmonary, diabetes, internal medicine, neurology, OBGYN, surgery, endocrinology, emergency medicine and family practice. I’ve seen them in offices across the entire east coast and some of the biggest, most prestigious hospitals, Johns Hopkins, UMD, George Washington Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, Emory University and many others.

When I look at the combination of factors that make an excellent doctor, Dr. Rex excels. He has excellent disease state knowledge, he is an excellent diagnostician, he stays up on current data across various medical issues. I have to say in the end that he is truly the best I’ve ever seen at listening to patient concerns, giving patients time, drawing out the real issues patients have and showing respect to patients. He respects their time, questions, opinions and is just a wonderful person. There are a lot of smart doctors, but Dr. Rex’s combination of strengths is truly unique in today’s healthcare world. He rocks!