Out of town help

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| March, 12 2020 | for Susan Richarme, MD

Last August I was about 100 miles out of town and fell off of the family rent house roof. I broke a couple of ribs and had a partially collapsed lung. After an ambulance ride to the local ER, the ER/ICU team wanted to do surgery to put in a chest tube to reinflate the lung. I wasn't very happy with that diagnosis and procedure, so we called Dr. Richarme on her cell phone, and she agreed that we would have better care back at home. She arranged a hospital and a doctor to accept me as a transfer patient. Once we had that, we were able to be discharged and get back home. The collapsed lung healed in a few weeks without the surgery. Having instant access to our MD VIP doctor provided great advice, quick action to arrange the transfer, and avoided an unnecessary surgery. What a wonderful medical resource she has been for our family.