Outstanding Primary Physician

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| February, 28 2024 | for Frederic S. Becker, MD

Since joining Dr. Frederic Becker's MDVIP practice five years ago, I have been impressed by his full commitment to my wellness and willingness to discuss all of my medical concerns in detail. Dr. Becker and his staff are very responsive to making timely appontments for both regular and urgent medical visits, as well as getting back to me by telephone or text regarding any test results and/or inquiries. While I am very proactive and take responsibility for adhering to my exerecise, diet and medication routines, Dr. Becker makes me feel that my personal well-being is important to him, and uses both my Annual Exam and regular quarterly appointments to monitor both blood test results and physical conditions. My personal "connection" with Dr. Becker makes me feel that he is genuinely interested in my well-being and is always willing to discuss any concerns or issues that I may raise with him. It is exactly this relationship with my primary physician that I was looking for when I joined Dr. Becker's MDVIP practice.