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| March, 27 2020 | for Andreas D. Rotsides, MD
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Throughout our lives we develop relationships with all kinds of people. The relationships vary in many ways depending on the “level of closeness” we develop with an individual. We have acquaintances, friends, family and other words that imply what the relationship means to us. In my world “family” defines a person who has been given a special place in my heart. Someone I can trust with my thoughts and concerns to listen and not pass judgement, yet be willing to give good, solid advice and a lending hand during the good and bad times. Someone who cares about my well-being as an individual. Not only has Dr. Rotsides looked after and supported me for a good portion of my life but he takes care of two other individuals who mean the world to me, my parents. As our family doctor, Dr. Rotsides manages to take the impersonal, science and fact-based realm of medicine and mixes it with his own special dose of care and compassion. The result is a Doctor that we trust with our lives and proudly consider him and his staff as part of “our family”. Dr. Rotsides, I know I speak for Mom and Dad as well when I say thanks for always being there for us and “We love you man!”.