Pay to join? NOT!!

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| March, 16 2020 | for Steven Billet, MD, FACP

I had recently remarried and of course one goes thru a variety of decisions as newly weds including what doctor due you go to. We moved to Sykesville Md. and my wife said we should join MDVIP as a patient of Dr. Billett. I said are you crazy! I’m not paying to be a patient. She stated her brother in law and parents both used him. Why not just meet with him. I am a 100% disabled veteran having been wounded pretty severely in Vietnam Nam. I have spent almost 3 yrs of my life in a hospital which included 36 operations. Being the great loving husband I am, I agreed to meet with Dr. Billett. Clearly one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is very caring, very knowledgeable and ALWAYS puts his patients first. Two years ago Christmas Eve I landed in hospital. He was on way back from a holiday break and showed up in the emergency room at just before midnight to check on me and the care I was getting. I could quote chapter and verse on how many times he has helped me but I will end with this. HE IS A GREAT DOCTOR! I am very happy to have joined MDVIP and very happy to be his patient.