The personal attention shown by you and your staff make “going to the Doctor” a pleasant experience.

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| March, 26 2018 | for Steven Billet, MD, FACP
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Dear Dr. Billet,
The personal attention shown by you and your staff make going to the Doctor a pleasant experience. Your thoughtful and innovative approach to healing have yielded positive results for Al and me. Putting into practice real world revolutionary practices mixed with traditional medicine have been a successful approach to our medical care. We appreciate when you share what you have studied as it relates to our current condition.
You may recall over 10 years ago you utilized both knowledge and skill to heal Al of a serious, chronic condition. After numerous hospitalizations for persistent kidney infections, you accurately identified his health issue, then created a plan for recovery. It worked, and he has not been hospitalized since that time. You treated Als health concern at its core and eradicated the problem. The kindness and moral support youve offered us over the years is priceless. Whenever Im down with a health problem, youre always, 100 engaged in a proactive approach to healing.
It is not just the treatment, but the care and empathy shown by doctors like you which makes the world a better place. Al and I offer our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude Being a doctor fits you well. Caring hearts do a wonderful job in healing one's spirit. The call was answered.

PS-The photo below shows a happy & healthy couple loving life!