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| March, 25 2020 | for Maneesh N. Patel, MD

Dr. Maneesh Patel is our family doctor since he started his practice in Houston.
In 1999 I went for regular check-up with no other symptoms after blood test EKG results he advised me for further testing. He immediately contacted cardiologist to do angiogram. Within few days I had an angiogram and the test results were positive that my LDA was blocked 90 percent I did not believe it first but two weeks after my angiogram I scheduled for bypass surgery. Surgery was successful hospital released me in five days and after four weeks I went back to work.
In 2005 my wife had to go to emergency due to UTI. I called from home and he said I will meet you at emergency admitting window. He came over and after several different tests we were told that she was losing both of her kidney. Admitted her in the hospital stayed in the hospital for few days with the help of Dr Patel and several of his college’s she came out of danger both of her kidney started functioning.
In 2015 We came back home from a long trip to South America. Went for routine check-up after EKG and angiogram it was determined that I have a blockage. After few weeks’ bypass surgery was scheduled. Surgery created some complications and I end-up in staying in the hospital for 50 days. Thanks all the doctors from the bottom of my heart who were involved in my case. Due to all of those doctors I am still alive. After I came home from the hospital Dr Patel help me so much that include some personal visits at my home. Stayed home for four and a half months and went back to work.
In 2017 one night I was throwing up all night with severe stomach pain. I called Dr Patel around 6:00 am without any hesitation he advised me to go to emergency and said he will meet me at the emergency admitting window. Admitted in the hospital started running different tests at the end of the day it was concluded that I have a gallstone. It was Friday after six pm somehow he schedules my gallstone surgery on Saturday. Everything came out good and following Saturday I went on a long trip to Russia
I signed-up for MDVIP as soon as he started and Dr Maneesh Patel will be our family doctor as long as we need.