Please let Dr. Nathan and her staff know just how much they are appreciated.

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| August, 24 2015 | for Hema V. Nathan, MD

I am an MDVIP client and patient of Dr. Hema Nathan. After almost 20 years with Dr. Nathan as my primary point of contact, many of them fighting off CNS Lymphoma and acquired hemophilia, I decided to write you about my experience(s) with her because I believe she is a large part of my successful medical results.

While there may be little (or no) clinical evidence to demonstrate a connection between a patients sense of security in their medical team and his/her long-term success, my experience tells me there is. In fact, I would go so far as to say this confidence might even be the difference between a patient who overcomes and one who succumbs.

Dr. Nathan and her staff have consistently made me feel confident and comforted. It got me thinking about why this is the case. As a result, I came up with 6 qualities I feel Dr. Nathan demonstrates that make the difference.

1) The interpersonal skills to make a patient feel safe and heard while still willing to be tactfully blunt when necessary.
2) The intelligence to know what she doesnt know and the drive to find an answer.
3) The productiveness of communicating with email and text messages for more routine questions and follow up.
4) The dexterity to move an appointment along without ever making a patient feel rushed.
5) The efficiency of staying on schedule far more often than not.
6) The leadership of her staff to ensure everyone is working together for each patients medical and administrative needs.

Finding a doctor with some of these traits is not difficult. Finding one with all of them is exceedingly rare. Dr. Nathan is rare. It is this feeling of being cared for that makes such a big difference perhaps all the difference.

Please let Dr. Nathan and her staff know just how much they are appreciated.

Thank you