Praise for Dr. Thomas Serio

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| June, 28 2021 | for Thomas G. Serio, MD
Image provided by: Christine

Over the past few years my husband has had to deal with a progressively debilitating back problem. Dr. Serio has been supportive in referring him to a local neurosurgeon who ultimately performed a laminectomy and fusion at L3-4 on 5/4/21. Prior to this surgery, my husband endured several years of “pain management” procedures and medications meant to alleviate pain. After his surgery, the neurosurgeon prescribed a combination of pain meds that frankly, weren’t doing the job. We went back to Dr. Serio about two weeks post surgery and discussed how the current pain regimen wasn’t working. Dr. Serio, knowing my husband’s history, came up with a new pain med strategy and within 24 hours my husband noticed significant relief from post surgical pain which continues to the present time.
Another significant benefit of having an MDVIP doctor, specifically, Dr. Serio, is that I can call his office and within minutes I can speak with his nurse, Mandy (who is also quite knowledgeable of my husband’s history) or Valerie, a medical tech in the office. We have been able to get in to see Dr. Serio, usually the same or next day. And, they have been truly responsive to calling in prescriptions in a timely manner.

In summary, I have recently come to the conclusion that it’s worth every penny we pay each year for the privilege of having Dr. Serio as our primary care physician. He is so knowledgeable about every issue we bring to him and he treats us as if we are his special and only patients.