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| March, 26 2020 | for Beau B. Pittman, MD

I learned about Dr.Pittman, through a lifelong classmate of mine last year. I had been with my previous internist for over 25 years. Every time I had my three month visit with my previous doctor, I complained to my wife, about his lack of “ commitment to our health, and lackadaisical approach!” Upon hearing about the MDVIP program, I thought about making a change. At my age, I want a “ hands on” doctor, who listens to my concerns, and needs. I found just that doctor, in Dr. Beau Pittman! In the last 25 years, I NEVER talked to my previous doctor on the phone. Since changing to Dr. Beau, I’ve talked with him a half dozen times, since I started with him in Nov.! That’s commitment, in my book. I feel confident he will listen, and resolve any issue, to the best of his ability! Thank you Dr. Beau.