The quintisential primary care doctor

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Lou Ann
| March, 13 2020 | for Steven Billet, MD, FACP

Doctor Billet fits the definition of the “quintessential” primary care doctor. My relationship with Dr. Billet began several years when I engaged him as my Primary Care doctor based in a friends recommendation. Prior to that, I had been with a PCP who I rarely got to see. Rather, I was relegated to a Nurse Practitioner who was not a problem solver. 9 months of visits and conversations about severe and worsening foot pain was “diagnosed” as the result of bad shoes and too much standing. No xrays, no blood tests...just advice to where flat shoes and rest my feet. My initial physical with Dr. Billet was the polar opposite experience. He took time to listen, explained possibilities and over the ensuing weeks, he tested aggressively to identify the cause of the pain ( which by then had spread to my hands). Within 6 weeks I had my diagnosis ( RA). His efforts didn’t stop there, he was instrumental in identifying a specialist and even offered to call the provider if needed, to ensure I got treatment as promptly as possible.

If not for Dr. Billet’s knowledge and interest in pursuing a cause of my pain, my treatment would have been delayed further. I appreciate and value his commitment to patients. Further, I’ve found him to be accessible and proactive, always calling me personally after treatment or testing to discuss the information. He is a throw back to the days when health care was personal and actually a “relationship” between doctor and patient. A rare caring medical professional in this day of “corporate” healthcare that processes patients by large number and with little concern for them individually.

I would highly recommend Dr. Billet to anyone.