A rare find in todays' world of Health Care

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| March, 10 2020 | for Andrew D. Spafford, MD

Dr Andrew Spafford has been my Dr for 12 years nows. He has always taken the time to listen to my concerns and actually knows me as a patient and a person. He found my Ai-fib problem when I had the flu. He's always been encouraging and willing to take the time to listen. He tells me how I can make my life better but doesn't shame or embarrass me - so many Drs do that today and come across with "I'm better than you" attitude. Not Dr. Spafford - he's not just a Dr but also a real person with a caring heart.

Patience should not under estimate how VITAL it is to stick with one primary care physician who has treated you over a period of time. That Dr. learns your body (and your mind). They listen to events that occur in the course of your life and how they may play a role in your overall health. Plus, the detailed annual physical that MDVIP provides is a wealth of information that makes me feel that I'm doing something in 2020 that my mother/father and other family members didn't have 20 years ago.

It's so important that a Dr understands everything going in your life...because it all impacts your health in one form or another. Dr Spafford is this kind of doctor - he understand all the life changes I've been dealing with and helps "connect the dots" of how those live changes are impacting me physically and emotionally. I'm thankful for him - he even remembers to ask how my job search is going.

As a male, I've watched my dad dread going to the Dr and only going when there was a full blown crises. I've finally gained the trust of Dr Spafford that now I actually don't mind seeing him on a regular basis because I know he's there to help me with my life journey. Better to seek help now instead of waiting for a full blow crises. Yes, I still have health issues I need to improve on but I feel I can do it with my physician and coach Dr. Spafford.