Reaching Way Out!

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| March, 11 2024 | for M. Sandra Scurria, MD

Dr. Scurria is very important to me and my healthcare, wherever I am. She has always been there for me. A perfect example of how I rely on and trust her is the phone call that I made to while I was on vacation in Nice, France. My husband and I were wrapping up a sojourn in Southern France and staying at t a very nice hotel. We had returned from dinner when I started having stomach and chest pains. My husband called the front desk, and they sent up a doctor that I learned later was a sports doctor (would have been great if I had a torn Achilles). He decided that I should have a muscle relaxant. My "gut" told me otherwise. $300 and a written prescription later (I had declined the shot), I phoned Dr. Scurria. She said that the call from France was a First and told me not to do anything. Take something to go to sleep, if I could, and be in touch with her upon my return the next day. "Do No Harm."

As it turned out, I was developing diverticulitis. That muscle relaxant was a bad idea. Dr. Scurria's knowledge of my history and her ability to think quickly saved the day for me. Dr. Scurria is the linchpin of my healthcare, near and far.