Respectful Team Effort

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| March, 10 2024 | for James S. Hoff, MD

Our family internist, Dr. Jim Hoff, is one of a kind. He enlists a blend of "old fashioned personalization and modern research based" practices. He allows patients to have an educated opinion regarding treatments, etc. His ego never gets in the way of recommending or accepting a request for a second opinion. We never hesitate to call him at any hour. A discussion can always take place regarding medications. Patients are seen as individuals with individual needs.

My husband began having seizures for no apparent medical reason. "Dr Jim" ran numerous tests and finally, suggested we see my husband's cardiologist, who practiced in the Bay Area, 2 hours drive from our home. Together, they consulted for months, as heart tests showed nothing; until one day I was able to take a pulse reading during a seizure at home. That was the pivotal moment that sent us to the cardiologist once again. The cardiologist shared her idea of trying a pacemaker as a last resort. That did the trick. After that, all reports were shared back and forth as a team effort.
We will always be grateful to Dr. Jim.