Saved me from Destruction

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| February, 28 2024 | for Martin van Cleeff, MD
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My very first meeting with Dr VanCleeff did it for me. I had to wait two months to see him as he was highly recommended by friends as I was having a heck of a time medically and just couldn't find anyone to listen. He truly listed to me on the that visit to which was 12 yrs ago this last January. He has not only been my medical doctor he also was so very helpful when I was going thru my divorce. He would just listen and understand. He also understands how stubborn I am and just keeps giving me encouragement to a better health. I'm SO grateful for him each and everyday. I was fearful I could no longer pay the MDVIP fee and was going to have to switch doctors but things worked out and I was able to stay with him.