Saved my kidney

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| March, 11 2020 | for Shep Dunlevie, MD

During my annual lung scan (former smoker), a tumor was found on my kidney....I was referred to a local urologist. The urologist has reviewed my scan and said he thought it was 85% probable cancer and he wanted to remove my kidney. I immediately said I would have to consult my primary physician, Dr. Dunlevie. I called him immediately and he told me, along with my husband to come to his office at 10:00 the next morning... The next morning he suggested I get in touch with a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville who only operates on kidneys. At the time, Piedmont Hospital was in contract negotiations with United Health care, my insurance. The continuity of care could have been an issue. We went down on a Monday for a consultation with the doctor who had reviewed my scan. His answer was that he thought it was 65% cancer but his goal was to save my kidney. He did the surgery on Thursday and told us that he would have the results by Tuesday. The surgery went well and on Tuesday he called to say that I did NOT have cancer. Thank heavens for Dr. Dunlevie......always up to date on the most current medical treatment and where to go to get the best treatment! We are forever grateful!!!!!!