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| March, 12 2020 | for Wendy Walker, MD

I am NOT melodramatic, nor do I embellish. I am living proof of the knowledge and professionalism of Dr Wendy Walker.
She not only saved my life once but has done so twice.

The first time, she listened as I nonchalantly mentioned some symptoms I was experiencing that involved cysts that I had a past history of. Without going into details, Dr Walker listened and intuitively she just wanted to run a test to rule out anything more serious. Well to my dismay, it happened I had endometrial cancer that she caught in time. She immediately sent me to a surgical gynocologist who operated. Because Dr Walker diagnosed it so quickly, it was stage one cancer and I did not have to have further treatment. Endometrial cancer is usually a silent killer and is very hard to diagnosis early.

The second time was just this past year when I developed severe allergice reactions to three different antibotics used to treat a surgical infection from what was suppose to be a "routine"knee replacement.